Business Sectors

On April 15th of each year, California businesses and individuals send their tax dollars to the federal government; it is only once a DECADE that we get a chance to get back those dollars.

Sector partners, such as employers, unions and other trusted community leaders, are critical to helping the U.S. Census Bureau reach hard-to-count Californians.

This toolkit includes tailored support materials and resources, which will be key in making your communications and outreach efforts effective. It is imperative that community leaders are well-equipped with information and resources – to ensure that every Californian is counted in the 2020 Census!

Because you know your community best, you are uniquely positioned to ensure the people you care about are counted. We know the Census… and have compiled the toolkit below to help you plan and implement a successful outreach campaign in your community.  

New Resources

Census Loteria

Latinx Bingo with a Census twist. You can host this activity with your Spanish-speaking employees and promote team bonding and simultaneously educate them on the census. We suggest a small incentive or prize is provided by your company. This resource was created by La Luz Center, and ReadyNation has printed boxed sets which can be mailed to you upon request.