California Complete Count – Census 2020

Be Counted, California!

The U.S. Census

Once each decade, the U.S. Census Bureau attempts to count every person in the United States. The next enumeration will be April 1, 2020 and will be the first to rely heavily on online responses.

An accurate count is one in which every person is counted once, only once, and in the right place.

The primary and perpetual challenge facing the U.S. Census Bureau is the undercount of certain population groups. That challenge is amplified in California, where more residents are considered traditionally hard to count. Those include foreign-born residents, renters, individuals living in homes without a broadband subscription, people living close to or below the poverty line, and children younger than five years old.


California's Census Efforts

A complete and accurate count of California’s population is essential. The data collected by the decennial Census determines the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives and is used to distribute billions of dollars in federal funds to state and local governments.

That is why California has launched a statewide effort to ensure an accurate and complete count of Californians in the 2020 Census. The California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office (California Census Office) is coordinating the State’s outreach and communication strategy, which focuses on the hardest-to-count residents. Working through local governments, Tribal Governments, community-based organizations and media, the state is funding work that will complement work being done nationally by the U.S. Census Bureau.

California leaders have invested $187.2 million toward a statewide outreach and communication campaign. Download the California Census Office’s one-pager (PDF)

The California Complete Count – Census 2020 Mission

Ensure that Californians get their fair share of federal resources and Congressional representation by encouraging the full participation of all Californians in Census 2020.

California Census 2020 Regions

The California Census Office grouped California’s 58 counties into 10 regions based on their hard-to-count populations, like-mindedness of the counties, capacity of community-based organizations within the counties, and state Census staff workload capabilities.

The California Census Office has dedicated staff assigned to each region. Learn more about them here.

Download the 2020 California Census Regions Map (PDF)


Accountability, Transparency and Reporting

The Census Office is committed to transparent operations. As relevant information becomes available, Census Office staff routinely provide updates to local and Tribal governments, the Census Bureau, key partners, and other stakeholders through regular meetings and reports. The Census Office regularly updates the state Census website with critical information, including funding plans, applicable timelines, staffing information and other operational information.

The Office will continue to share financial information, such as expenditures, encumbrances, operational plans and accomplishments via its website and quarterly reports to the Legislature and Governor’s Office. In addition, the Census Office will collaborate with the Office of State Audits and Evaluations for oversight of financial contracts and Census Office resource utilization.

To view the Census Office reports, click here.

Staff Directory

Visit the Outreach page.

Visit the External Affairs and Media Relations page.

Sarah Soto-Taylor, Deputy Secretary, Government Operations Agency
Sonya Logman, Chief of Staff
Ditas Katague, Director
Emilio Vaca, Deputy Director, Outreach
Martha E. Dominguez, Deputy Director, External Affairs and Media Relations
Yumi Sera, Deputy Director, Statewide Initiatives
Frances Chacon, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs
Dorothy Johnson, Policy Advisor to the Director
Sara Murillo, Assistant Director, Administration
Kristine Beckley, Legal Counsel

Outreach (Click here to view the page and biographies)
Emilio Vaca, Deputy Director of Outreach
Yumi Sera, Deputy Director of Statewide Initiatives
Quintilia Ávila, Regional Program Manager - Southern California Lead
Mai Thao, Regional Program Manager, Central California Lead
Marcy Kaplan, Sector Outreach Manager
Mignonne Pollard, Education Outreach Manager
Cecil Flournoy, Regional Program Manager - Los Angeles County
Connie Hernandez, Regional Program Manager - San Diego and Imperial Counties and Deputy Tribal Liaison
Irving Pacheco, Regional Program Manager - Los Angeles County
Sara Pol-Lim, Regional Program Manager - Orange and Los Angeles Counties
David Tucker, Regional Program Manager - Northern California Lead
Patricia Vazquez-Topete, Regional Program Manager - Central California
Carlos Omar Beltran, Regional Program Manager - Northern California
Vanessa Vaughn, Regional Program Manager for Outreach

External Affairs and Media Relations (Click here to view the page)
Martha E. Dominguez, Deputy Director
Diana Crofts-Pelayo, Assistant Deputy Director
Taylor Desmangles, Census Communication Specialist
Dayanna Macias-Carlos, Census Communication Specialist
Taylor Stephens, Census Communication Specialist

Jim Miller, Operations Project Manager
Nick Garcia, Research Data Specialist I
Ariana Gonzalez, Analyst

Sara Murillo, Assistant Director
Thuong Pham, Budget Manager
Laura Askins, Office Manager and Committee Liaison
Alicia Albornoz, Business Services Manager
Alicia Gallegos, Office Technician
Victor Jackson, Office Technician

Tribal Relations (click here to view the page)
Connie Hernandez, Regional Program Manager - San Diego and Imperial Counties and Deputy Tribal Liaison
Kayla Olvera Hilario, Tribal Affairs Specialist


The Census Office is headquartered in Sacramento and, given the geographic size of the state and scope of work that needs to be completed to ensure a successful count, it has established dedicated outreach offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno and Oakland. Visit the contact us page for more information.

Sacramento Headquarters

400 R Street, Suite 359
Sacramento, CA 95811

San Diego Office

6367 Alvarado Court, Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92120

Los Angeles Office

360 E. 2nd Street, Suite 325
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Fresno Office

1101 East University Avenue
Fresno, CA 93741

Oakland Office

900 Fallon Street
Oakland, CA  94607

California Census Office vs. U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau is responsible for canvassing and conducting the actual enumeration process nationally for each decennial census. The state Census Office, also known as the California Complete Count Office, helps to get the word out about the census to Californians statewide.

The U.S. Census Bureau will focus on national outreach and media campaigns to inform all individuals living in the United States of the upcoming Census. The state’s Census Office is targeting the hardest-to-count Californians through grassroots culturally appropriate outreach and multicultural, in-language media efforts.


California Census Office Headquarters - Sacramento
400 R St., Suite 359
Sacramento, CA 95811

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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