The California Census Office has compiled the resources below to make it easier for partners and stakeholders to join the State’s efforts. Help spread the message about the importance of participating in the 2020 Census to communities throughout California.

California faces the greatest barriers in the nation to ensure an accurate count and thus receive a fair share of federal funding and Congressional representation. That’s why state leaders are devoting significant funding to the California Census Office’s strategic outreach and communication campaign, an effort will seek to reach more than 13.5 million households in California to raise awareness of the 2020 Census and motivate the hardest-to-count Californians to respond. Those that are considered hard-to-count (HTC) are least likely to respond to the Census questionnaire without specialized outreach and assistance.

Census Materials

Census Toolkits and Guides

Census Hard-to-Count Map
The California Census Office has created this interactive map to view California census tracts and block groups. Many California residents live in areas that, based on demographic, socioeconomic and housing characteristics, may be hard to count in the 2020 Census. The California Census Office has created this interactive map that shows California census tracts and block groups shaded by their California Hard-to-Count Index, a metric that incorporates 14 variables correlated with an area being difficult to enumerate. Click here to start using the map

Self Response Rate Map
The California Complete Count – Census 2020 Response Rate Map shows self-response rate data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as information about census tracts and fact sheet links. Click the “About” icon in the map app to learn more. Self-response rate data will be updated daily.
Click here to start using the map.

Census Campaign Snapshots
The California Census Campaign Snapshots provide a weekly overview of recent Census 2020 Campaign data including self-response rates, regional data, partner activity, State-led Patch Through Phone Program and messaging samples.
Click here to access the monthly Campaign Snapshots. 

HTC Map image
Picture of California map with HTC Index gradient
Picture of California with HTC Index gradient

Resources for Specific Audiences

In addition to the general resources above, the California Census Office has compiled tools specific to the following groups:

Census Jobs

U.S. Census Bureau Jobs
To learn more about federal U.S. Census 2020 jobs, go to 2020 Census Jobs.
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Additional federal resources:

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To assist in the coordination of California’s outreach and communication strategy for the 2020 Census, the California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office is actively looking for additional team members. The U.S. Census Bureau is also looking to hire individuals to canvas and enumerate for the 2020 Census. These jobs are separate and apart from the California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office.

California Census Office Jobs

Apply online at: Office of the Governor Application for Appointment. Under Positions Sought (drop down menu), search for Census.