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Advisory: Legislative Hearing in Long Beach on California’s 2020 Census Efforts

2020 Census Mail Contact Strategies

The U.S. Census Bureau released its mail contact strategies, identifying how different parts of the U.S. will be invited to respond to the 2020 Census. Beginning in mid-March 2020, almost every household in the U.S. will be invited to respond online, by phone or by...

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Advisory: Legislative Hearing in Long Beach on California’s 2020 Census Efforts

U.S. Census Bureau Jobs!

The U.S. Census Bureau is just under 40% of their recruitment goal of 275,000 applicants for California. It is important for the U.S. Census Bureau to recruit a strong pool of applicants for January, February, and March hiring – when they hire Californians, it helps...

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Public Records Act Requests

Guidelines for Access to Public Records

Public access to records maintained by the California Complete Count Census 2020 (“Census”) is governed by the California Public Records Act (Government Code § 6250 et. seq.). Public records are available for inspection and/or copying pursuant to the following procedures:

Request to Inspect or Copy Public Records:

Public records requests must be sufficiently descriptive to enable Census personnel to identify, locate, and retrieve the records. Reasonable assistance will be given to the requester to help him or her satisfy this requirement.

Requests may be submitted by email at; by phone 916-852-2020; by mail to California Complete Count Census 2020, 400 R Street, Suite 359, Sacramento, CA 95811. Attention: Public Records Act Coordinator; or in-person at California Complete Count Census 2020, 400 R Street, Suite 359, Sacramento, CA 95811.

Records Exempt from Disclosure:

Census may refuse to disclose records that are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act. (See, e.g. Gov. Code, § 6254 et seq.)

Inspecting Public Records:

Physical inspection of records is permitted in Census offices at a mutually agreeable time during regular business hours of Census (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for state holidays). Retrieval and inspection of any record shall not interfere with the ordinary business operations of Census. Operational functions of Census will not be suspended to permit inspection of records where the records are reasonably required by Census personnel in the performance of their duties. Persons inspecting Census records shall not destroy, mutilate, deface, alter, or remove any such records from Census. A Census employee will be present during the inspection of records in order to prevent the loss or destruction of records.

Obtaining Copies of Public Records:

Census may charge the person requesting copies of public records made by Census personnel at the rate of ten cents ($0.10) per page. Payment of the total estimated copy charge may be required before Census personnel copy any records.

If the number of records requiring copying is determined to be voluminous by Census personnel, then the requestor may wish to make arrangements with Census to have a professional copying service photocopy the records. The cost associated with providing the copy service shall be borne entirely by the requesting person.

A copy of these guidelines will be posted in a conspicuous public area at the Complete Count Office, and a free copy of these guidelines will be furnished upon request.