Census 2020 – California Complete Count Office Staff

400 R Street, Suite 359
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 852-2020

Ditas Katague, Director

Adelina G. Zendejas, Chief Deputy Director

Kristine Beckley, Legal Counsel

Dorothy Johnson, Assistant Director of Legislation

Jeanelle Loui, Office Technician

Jim Miller, Data and Mapping Manager

Alicia Wong, Chief of Staff


Sara Murillo, Assistant Director, Administration

Lance Hedblad, Business Services Analyst

Thuong Pham, Budget Manager

Kush Kishor, DGS Procurement Official

Vanessa Vaughn, DGS Procurement Official

External Affairs and Media Relations Team

Tamma Adamek
Deputy Director, External Affairs and Media Relations

Alana Golden
Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

Diana Crofts-Pelayo
Communications Chief

Angela Rosas
Communications Specialist

Outreach Team

Adriana Martinez
Deputy Director, Outreach and Tribal Liaison

Quintilia Ávila, MPA
Regional Program Manager, Southern California Lead

Cecil Flournoy
Regional Program Manager, Los Angeles

Connie Hernandez
Regional Program Manager, San Diego and Deputy Tribal Liaison

Carlos Omar Beltran
Regional Program Associate

Marcy Kaplan
Sector Outreach Manager

Clarissa Laguardia
Language Access Manager

Irving Pacheco
Regional Program Manager

Sara Pol-Lim
Regional Program Manager

Mignonne Pollard
Regional Program Manager, Schools and Education

Patricia Vazquez-Topete
Regional Program Associate

David Tucker
Regional Program Manager

Updated as of: February 12, 2019