California Complete Count Committee

The California Complete Count Committee (CCCC) is an advisory panel of community leaders who represent diverse populations from across the state. The members work to recommend strategies to increase the count in their respective communities. The members were appointed by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. including one designee chosen by the Speaker of the State Assembly and one designee chosen by the Senate President pro Tempore.

California Complete Count Office

The California Complete Count (CCC) Office oversees and coordinates California’s education and outreach program for the 2020 Census. The CCC will help form partnerships, identify resources, and develop an effective outreach strategy.

Local Complete Count Committees

Local governments work together with partners to form Local Complete Count Committees (LCCC) to promote and encourage response to the 2020 Census in their communities. The LCCC’s are comprised of a broad spectrum of government and community leaders from education, business, healthcare, and other community organizations. These trusted voices develop and implement a 2020 Census awareness campaign based upon their knowledge of the local community to encourage a response. See Resources for LCCCs.



  • Local officials and community leaders determine Local Complete Count Committees (LCCCs) structure.
  • LCCCs receive 2020 Census training from U.S. Census Bureau.


  • Continue forming and launching LCCCs.
  • LCCCs develop strategy and work plan.


  • CCCs begin community organization mobilization.
  • 2020 Census advertising campaign begins in early 2020.
  • CCCs support the 2020 Census.
  • CCCs encourage self-response.

April 1, 2020 – CENSUS DAY

  • CCCs urge households who do not respond to cooperate with census takers.