January 2019 Report to the Legislature

The California Complete Count Office (Census Office) submitted its Progress Report on Complete Count Office’s Census 2020 Outreach and Communication Program (Report) to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, the Assembly Select Committee on the Census, and the Senate Select Committee on the 2020 United States Census (2020 Census).

This report contains updates to the state of California’s progress related to the 2020 Census. Provided in response to the requirements of Section 45, Chapter 53, Statutes of 2018 (Senate Bill 866), this document gives specific updates on topics of special interest to the Legislature relating to the Census Office, including: 1) budget and infrastructure, including staffing and hiring; 2) readiness and needs assessment based on the 2018 regional convenings; 3) an online platform tool for outreach, and 4) school curriculum pilots. In addition, the Census Office is providing information on language and communication access and coordination and collaboration efforts.

The Report and its exhibits are available below: